I’ve quit sugar (week one)

Well this has been a mini roller coaster of a week! I’m now on day seven of quitting sugar and only today am I actually able to focus and concentrate to write this. My first two days I had no idea what to eat and because I am a fussy eater I’m finding that I’m sticking with quite a lot of similar meals so far. Meal planning was key and a large food shop to follow. 

Day one and two I was constantly craving chocolate, anything sweet after a meal. I was literally begging my boyfriend to let me open the one last box of Guyllian delights, sat staring plainly in view under the TV. “One won’t make a difference, they’re tiny” I said. It was only my better half and his firm hand that kept them from me. 

Before embarking on this challenge I rarely ate bread but I bought the new Hovis loaf of wholewheat and spelt to try. It has been perfect for breakfast as toast and mainly a sandwich at lunch with avocado and chicken. What I have started to find is I’m eating three meals a day and much larger than I ever would have and I’m getting hungrier quicker than normal too. My dinner on day one was a beef stir fry with broccoli, fresh chilli, garlic and brown rice. I can’t, really cannot let go of a drizzle of soy sauce (light). Satsumas have become my sweet snack, I’m having at least two a day and usually after a meal to attempt to stop my usual desert cravings. Its worked, sort of. 


I’ve also gone back to the old routine of making fresh green smoothies for breakfast.  I normally opt for a handful of spinach, slice of cucumber, mango, chia seeds, sprig of Parsley and half a lemon. I normally add Coconut water but after seeing how much sugar is in a carton, I left it on the shelf and just blasted it with water in my nutri bullet. Totally yummy but it doesn’t keep me full for long and I’m usually starving by 11:45am.

I also rarely eat potatoes but I have had a couple of delicious meals with a baked potato, tuna, salad, fresh chillis and a bit of grated cheese. I’m not using any dressings by the way unless I mention them. I’ve also had chicken breasts fried in fresh garlic served with white cabbage and boiled potatoes. It sounds plain but a drizzle of soy and the fresh garlic makes it.

The afternoon of day three I started with the headache. The headache which has lasted 48 hours! The best way I can describe it was as a hangover headache. I couldn’t shift it, and god I felt pissed off. Not angry but really fed up and no idea why. But hey Leah this is the sugar come down.


Today I’ve felt the best yet. My headache has gone and I’m feeling a lot less bloated. I’m drinking three litres of water a day, which I’m used to anyway but it’s a must to avoid being dehydrated. The hardest part so far has been going out to socialise. I went out with my best friend and to make sure I didn’t stray, I made a kiddy pack up of tuna sandwiches. This was fine, I wasn’t hungry, just angry with my headache. What could possibly make me feel better? going to have green tea and watching a caramel latte and a whoppa slice of chocolate tiffin being plonked in front me. Mmmmm pained face. It was hell, just to look at it, let alone the smell of the salted caramel whofting under my nose. Absolute hell, but I didn’t touch it. I’m sure my friend was grinning more than usual throughout each crunchy bite.

Quite simply I am mega impressed with my will power so far. I’m getting to the point now where I will be so disappointed with myself if I give in that I might actually make it to the end of this 30 day stint. Or not, let’s just focus on getting through week two. 

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