God I’m such a cliche. It’s January 2017 and I’m starting a blog. I feel fat, unfit and feel like I need to tell people about it. Not that I don’t talk to actual humans but I’m looking for a wider community of like minded bloggers to moan and bitch too and hopefully you will provide me with some love and understanding. Ha! So here I go…

My name is Leah McLaren and I’m 31 years old. I’ve been spending the last two years between my home in rural Derbyshire and my work home in London. I’ve flipped between green clean weekends to daily smoggy sunrises over Canary Wharf. Tough life hey.

Really though, its been a tough year, but I won’t dwell on it and I wont bore you. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger after all.

For the last two years I have gone full pelt and thrown myself into my career as a picture editor working on various national newspapers such as The Times of London, The Guardian and The Daily Mail Femail Magazine to name a few. I love it. But, I used to take photographs, I won awards! I used to write, I used to have a strong, healthy body and a happy mind. It quickly went down hill and the London grind soon took its toll. I have barely been able to make it three floors down in my apartment to the rooftop gym overlooking the Thames. Seriously, I know… This is why Ginger Nut has come to fruition.

Ginger Nut is going to be a combination of health and wellbeing. It will include my new found love of Pilates six months ago and the enormous benefits it has had on my body. Honestly, I feel like i’ve had a new spine. You will see some of my fashion loves, old and new and some of my wonderful adventures travelling.

Being ginger and freckly can be a ball ache in many ways. What to wear and makeup can be a nightmare; ”You should try this foundation it will cover up all your freckles”, “Erm, no thanks love”. The colour yellow anyone? uh uh. Not to mention the sun hates my pale, thin skin and I’ll age quicker than the average olive skinned goddess. I am after all in my thirties, my metabolism is slowing and as people tell me, it’s all down hill from here. Well, I’m not having that!

I’m NOT one of these skinny twenty something bloggers with 20k Instagram followers, I only have 356, oh well must try harder Macca. I’m just a normal (young) lass from Derbyshire, enjoying the pies, and not the growing waistline. Hopefully I can have some me time, slow down and appreciate my gorgeous home in the Shire. Plus I can keep a check on myself to make sure I’m following my goals for the next year. I am going to get back to a happy and healthier version of myself. Just watch me.